Un-shown finished objects


I finished something today. A pair of wrist warmers in a lovely yarn. My sense of closure tells me that I can’t show you finished projects from 2014 before I’ve shown you everything I did in 2013 though, and there are still things I haven’t shown you. I think I have about nine finished objects left (I know, that’s freakishly many, how much time did I spend knitting in 2013? (The answer? Not nearly enough)). My goal is to have them all up before the end of January (*wink wink nudge nudge* to a certain blog admin who’s been holding my pictures hostage keeping my pictures safe) but next week we have a huge thing going on that will take up enormous amount of time (mostly knitting time too that is) so we’ll se how it goes. But my aim is before the end of January. I still think it’s doable.