Chart vs. written directions


Do you have a preference when it comes to charts and written directions? I have had troubles deciding. I can follow the wrotten ditections but sometimes mess up which row I’m on and therefore might start on a different row somewhere in the middle. Then I find charts easier to follow. It’s somehow a bit clearer, especially when I get a hang of the pattern. It gives me a sense of the structure on a way that written directions don’t, I know what I’m doing and – most especially – why. I can see that it makes sense because I know what this row’s role is in the big picture.

Yesterday though I met my nemesis in form of a somewhat irregular chart. It turns out that charts are only working for me if every wrong side row is just knit and purl as established. This time it wasn’t and I wasn’t observate enough to notice that it wasn’t. Therefore I ended up with numerous mistakes and at some point it wasn’t until I had checked the written directions that I understood ehat was going on and why I ended up with the wrong number of stitches. Charts are good but not if you need to count, because the little boxses of symbols, that represent a stitch, are so small.

In the future I think I will be a bit more humble to the advantages and disadvantages of charts and written directions, and instead of making a preference, I will let the patten decide which one is easier for me to follow. It migt also be of help if I stopped looking at them as two opposed ways but instead as complimentary of each other. After all, the last thing I wan’t to do is start a fight inside my pattern between the chart and the written directions. Nothing good could ever come out of that.