Lacing energy


Yesterday was the first meeting in my bobbin lace class for the semester. The exam was handed in with a good result (it was a self-correcting exam) and the bobbin lace meeting was my reward for not procasting too much. It was so good seeing everybody again! Because of reasons we didn’t get into the place where we normally meet but instead of going home again, we all went home to one of the group members and held the class there.


It was such a good time, I feel energized which is a very good thing, especially considering how I felt pretty stressed out and drained of all energy during the weeks before Christmas. It was as if everything was one big “have-to”,

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which it probably was. Today was my first day at work since Christmas and there too I felt energized. Things that before Christmas made me shake of stress and tear my hair out, now made

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me laugh. It’s amazing what some rest can do for your well-being. Perhaps we should all try it a bit more often.

It also feels good to have gotten back to making lace, during the end of last year I didn’t have much time for that unfortunately. And soon, very soon, I will have much better circumstances to do it more often. I must say I’m excited about this spring’s bobbin lace making.