Post New Year Cleaning V


There is nothing new under the sun, I contiune studying (but don’t worry, tomorrow evening I get my exam and then I have 24 hours to hand it in so by Thursday I should be a bit more interesting. I hope. Or I’ll be post-exam apathetic, we’ll see) and I’m doing fine so far, a little bit behind but I gave myself plenty of extra time in my study schedule so it should be okay. I hope.

I have also been a high-principled knitter and can now tick off a hat and a scarf from the to-do list and have cast on next project in line.


Next project in my post 2013 report is the Encompass shawl, designed by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.


It’s knit in Drops Eskimo from Garnstudio, color 54 Medium Purple.


I made it for Lyndsey because I thought the color was very her, when we first met she was either wearing or knitting, I don’t remember, a scarf in this color and ever since I associate this nuance of purple with my dear Lyndsey-bean.


I think it will fit her very well and I’m quite happy with it. If I make another one I will try another yarn though, this yarn sort of hurt my hands a bit.  Not fun.