Post New Year Cleaning II, III and IV


At the same time as I continue studying (honestly, I’m doing okay, some of the exercises just takes a long time, not because they are particularly difficult but because they have a lot of examples that I need to go through) I continue my post New Year cleaning by showing you three more forgotten projects. Or actually four.


Back in October a co-worker asked if I could make her a pair of wrist warmers. I did so and she liked them so much that she wanted two other pairs to give to friends and family. Well, if I can warm someone and at the same time get to work on an interesting project, I’m not the one to say no.


It all resulted in four pairs of Mixed Wave Mitts by Sybil R.


My co-worker wears a lot of red so there was no question that there should be red in the wrist-warmers.Then grey felt like a good base and turquoise-blue felt like a good contrast to them both.


When you make these wrist-warmers you should make the second one backwards, so to speak, so the both mitts mirror each other. When I had knit half of the second one I discovered that I hade forgotten to do this. But I still had plenty of yarn left so all of a sudden I had two pairs of mitts instead of one.


Two to the price of one, that’s not bad. Plus, now I have pair as a back-up in case I’m a gift short at some point.


The second (or rather the third pair) was requested to be in only black and grey. Normally I find this a bit boring but it was okay this time.


All the wrist-warmers are knit in Drops Baby Merino from Garnstudio. Don’t ask me what the colors were named because the ball bands are long lost and were so even when I started knitting.


The third (or rather fourth pair) pair was requested to have some purple in them and I figured I could use the same color combination as before, with gray and turquoise blue.


I think it turned out pretty nice. To be honest, I think they all turned out pretty well. Plus, the baby merino was a much better yarn choice than the alpacka I used when I made the first pair in red, brown and yellow, back in very early October.


I must admit though, that after five pairs of wrist-warmers from this pattern, very nice wrist-warmers of course but still, I kind of need a little break from it. I’ll get back to it in 2015, that should be an adequate period of time. There are so many nice new patterns to try out in 2014, the year is my oyster.