Post New Year Cleaning I

All I’m doing is conjugating Polish verbs and thinking of cases but at least I’ve stopped knitting on things that should wait till it’s turn on the to-do list (the reason for that might be that clue #2 is done and there is a week till the next clue arrives…) and have started on the things higher up on the list.

Well, as we all know, Christmas is over and it’s time to start showing off some Christmas gifts, and a few other things that I just forgot to show you last year. So, while I keep studying for my test, you’ll get to enjoy some finished knitted projects.


First to go is the Eiku shawl ( by Reeta Korhonen. I made this for my friend Maja who turned 30 this past summer.

I’m sorry about the links being between brackets, I’ll see if I can do something about it soon.


The shawl is knit in Malabrigo yarn sock (, color Pocion.


Instead of make some parts in garter stitch, as the pattern states, I did it all in stockinette stitch because I wanted to show the color variations in the yarn.


Also, I let the decreases in the lace lean both left and right depending on what felt right instead of just leaning right.


Finally I only made two non-lace rows before the bind off, instead of four, and made two extra lace rows too. It turned out slightly smaller than I expected but that’s fine.

I think Maja is quite happy with her shawl, I hope her thirthiest year will be an exceptional one!