In very much less than a week I have a Polish test so that is what I’m spending my days doing: studying. I’ve still never met anyone who doesn’t procrastinate a bit though,

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and I am no exception. Ideally I should spend my days studying and my evenings knitting and making bobbin lace, ticking off projects from my to-do list.

This is not how it works though. I am studying, I really am but I’m also having tea with friends and watching TV. And I have ticked off on project from my to-do list but then something happened. Last Wednesday the first clue in a winter mystery knit-along arrived in my mailbox but I was stoic and left it alone. Today the second clue arrived and I thought that I might just check it out. I ended up casting on, but come on, what harm could it do? It turns out that, as if I didn’t already know this, both yarn and new projects can be a bit addictive. Just look at that delicious mountain of yarn on the picture. Who wouldn’t just throw themselves at it like a pack of hungry wolves? Apparentely I’m a pretty lascivious wolf myself and it wasn’t long until I was head-over-heels into this new project. Again I thought, this is a mystery knit along, the clues only hold so much ingormation, what harm can it do? Again, it urned out I was a little wrong. The clues are really long, not that many rows but many, many stitches. I thought I would be done a long time ago but no, I’m still working on the second clue. I say though, that I’ll have this evening and then, tomorrow I’ll do better. (Famous last words…)

The reason why this happened I think is because it’s a new pattern and it’s a mystery. I want a bit of the unknown as a change from all the well-planned projects I can find on my to-do list. There are three shawls, four baby sweaters and a pair of fingerless mitts in pipeline and with the Polish test coming up and all, I think I need a bit of a revolt against the plan, an uprising in my own little way that doesn’t really hurt anyone or anything but makes me believe that the plan is not the boss of me, I’m the boss of the plan.

So, I’ll get back to my delicious little mountain of yarn.