A Polish Knit Meet


When we were in Warsaw I had the opportunity to go to a Knit Meet at the yarn store Magicloop (http://www.magicloop.com.pl/).


Magicloop is obviously a wonderful store, they sells yarn after all, but there is also nice people, professional service and a great supply. I’ve bought yarn through the Magicloop webpage before but now Agnieszka, the owner, has opened a real store and I’m so glad I got the opportunity to visit it.


I love yarn stores. The colors tickle my imagination and great plans are being formed. Yarn is coming home with me that eventually becomes a little piece of art. in its own. It all starts in a yarn store.


A knit meet in a new country is an interesting experience. The language of knitting is universal, once I had a Polish knitting magazine in front of me and was asked if I could read the pattern. The person who asked was impressed because even though I didn’t recognize one word I could still translate it: Back. Cast on 90 sts on 5 mm needles, something like that. Most knitting patterns are the same.


We could also recognize each other’s work, I wore my Color Affection shawl and we discussed what colors we all had used in our similar shawls. Blue and beige were the winners.


However unversal the language of knitting might be, sometimes there are some language barriers. It took me a while to understand English knitting terms but thanks to Lyndsey I got the hang of it and the many English patterns I’ve knit has now made me almost more sure of knitting terms in English than in Swedish. This has obviously taken me some time though and I think most people are more sure of the terms in their own language. Luckily with knitting you can always show what you mean and whatever language works. There was Polish and English and Swedish going on at the same time and my mum even found someone to talk to in German. A truly international knit meet.


The store was really cosy and the many knitters made it all sweet and fun. And crowdy! We were about 20 knitters there, having a good time, which made the crafts table pretty crowded; once you stood up to look at some yarn you almost lost your chair to someone else. The previous time there was a knit meet there had been about 40 knitterns there, so many in fact, that they had had to go buy more chairs.


I also heard one of the best comments about knitting criticism. One knitter had brought her children and the son was commenting on her work, criticizing it. Her anwer was great, she said that when he could make a scarf from scratch of his own, then he could criticize but not before. I think I will borrow that comment for when non-knitters make snarky remarks on my work.


I didn’t only knit and drink tea and talk, I found some delicious yarn too. It is true what they (I) say that the longer you stay in a yarn store the more yarn you buy and this was no exception. When Agnieszka brought out even more yarn in worsted weight, which seems to be my favourite yarn weight at the moment, things got a little blurry and somehow a lot of that yarn ended up in my box.


Yes, there were no baskets so I had to borrow a box for my yarn. And I filled it. A box full of yarn. A box full of chocolate and a box full of yarn, it seems like all good things come in boxes. Now I only need a box to put it all here at home but in just a few weeks, that problem should be solved. If I haven’t knit it all up before that of course.