A Christmas Tree Parade


I seem to have lost focused on everything except Christmas decorations and Warsaw was the perfect city for that. So pretty! So much to look at and glass baubles everywhere. The picture above is from a shopping mall.


This is from inside the Culture Palace. Why take only a few lights when you can have many?

When I look through my pictures, what hits me are the number of Christmas trees. Either there were plenty of Christmas trees or I have just taken a picture of everyone I’ve seen. Probably both.

This tree was outside the aforementioned mall.

This was on the big square outside the castle.

From inside the Culture Palace.

Another one inside the Culture Palace.

Outside the train station.

Outside in the street, on the Royal Route.

At Magicloop yarn store.

At the opera.

And finally, the tree at Julle’s parent’s place.

Nine trees in less than four days. I must have been a bit obsessed by trees since we don’t have a tree this year but have started to prepare for next year’s tree. I’m simply gathering inspiration and Warsaw was the perfect place to find it. Next Christmas will be epic!



The word for New Year’s Eve was Celebrate (even tough I mistook it for Festive but I guess that’s almost the same). #yarnpadc We spent a calm New Year’s Eve with friends and good food and tea and Maja’s amazing Red Velvet Cake. At midnight we went out to look at the fireworks and drink some champagne. 2013 was a horrible year in many ways but I have good hopes of 2014. If nothing else, it’s hard to be worse than last year. Now we can only move forward.

Gott nytt år!
Happy New Year!
Szczęśliwego nowego roku!