From Warsaw with love


There is something about travelling during winter time. The light is different and if you go by Christmas time you get to look at all the beautiful Christmas decorations. Warsaw really delivers when it comes to Christmas decorations. There are lights everywhere and it’s so pretty.



We went up the Culture Palace and looked at the view. The weather was sunny and nice and we could see far away.


We also admired statues.


The Christmas light on the Royal Route was amazing and different parts of the street had different types of decorations which makes it excellent for tourists to know where on the street they are if they happen upon it from a side street.


There where also bigger decorations, like this Christmas gift. We also saw a huge Christmas tree ball, a throne surrounded with presents, Christmas trees and the light fountain I showed you a few days ago.


Speaking of Christmas tree balls, we went into Bombkarnia, a store that sells glass baubles all year around. A glass babule is called bombka in Polish and we’re trying to collect as many as possible for our Christmas tree next year. Six big ones came back to Sweden with us and they are so pretty I wish  could put up a Christmas tree in late January instead of waiting till next year. There is something about sparkling and glittery ornaments. It makes me happy as pretty things tend to do (I guess that’s part of things being called pretty, that they make people happy).


We went to the Wedel confectionry and bought chocolate.


Buying chocolate is also a good way of learning a little Polish. I picked up the word for raspberry – malina, which is a good word since I happen to like raspberries a lot.


The waitresses wore gorgeous aprons lined with lace and I’m a bit bummed I didn’t get a chance to look closer at the handcaft, but it sure was pretty.

We’ve had a lot good food, the best was a starter at Polka restaurant – bigos with bread. Bigos is a kind of stew and was served in a bowl of bread which was really good. Ah, the bread! The best dessert was served at Wedel. I mean, just look at it!


Chocolate soufflé with raspberries and vanilla ice cream. Delicious!


Served with hot chocolate. I felt like Goldilock, Julle’s chocolate was too sweet, my mother’s was too bitter and mine was perfect, just perfect.


One evening we went to the opera to watch the Nutcracker, a great ballet. I like that there are both scenes with a lot of people and a lot happening on stage and that there are also some pas de deux‘s. This performace was pretty classic but that’s not a bad thing, not at all. The dancers were really talented and the conductor was very impressive. I particularly like the scene in the livingroom with both children and adults. The music is stirring and there is a lot going on, a lot to watch and many different dances at the same time.

The costumes were gorgeous. You can go so much further on a stage than you can in real life, therefore I enjoy making theatre costumes. There is no less is more. Why use five sequins when you can use 50? Why wear only a dress and a hat when you can also add gloves and a parasol?


The absolut best thing though, on this very great trip, was the knit meet at Magicloop, but that deserves a post to itself.