Google mitten

google - knitting

Look, the Google logo is knitting a mitten! It’s because of winter solstice and I think

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it’s very pretty. It’s even animated and I think it’s knitting both English (with yarn held in right hand) and Continental (with yarn held in left hand) style at the same time. Maybe it’s switching hands between knit and purl stitches. It looks like it’s time for the cuff so the idea of some ribbing is probably not that farfetched.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, both me and Google need get on with our knitting. Have a lovely Saturday!




I woke up this morning with a sore throat and a very dry cough so today I’ve been pouring hot tea down my throat and knitting away on a very stubborn project, it seems the yarn doesn’t want to be knit and the needles doesn’t want to be knitting it. But I’m more stubborn and have come more than halfway on the project. Still, it’s a bit annoying, obviously.

It also quite lame being sick when you have your Christmas vacation but hopefully this won’t last too long. And there are advantages.
No 1. I don’t have to go to work which I probably would have if it wasn’t Saturday. I’m not sick enough not to go to work. (Due to holiday.)
No 2. I can pretty much do what I want. (Due to holiday.)
No 3. It’s okay not to go outside. I am sick after all. (Due to illness.)
No 4. I could sit on the couch in my sweats this morning, drinking tea, reading a book and eat yesterday’s left-over pizza, having a very pleasant time. (Due to holiday and illness and it being Saturday and to the fact that we had pizza for dinner yesterday.)
No 5. I can knit as much as I want. (Due to me being me.)
No 6. I can eat chocolate. (Due to chocolate tasting good.) There have been some chocolate eating around here today, someone even tried the pieces and then put them back in the box, Legally Blonde-style. Not really okay but it gave me a photo opportunity since today’s word is naughty. #yarnpadc

Well, as long as there is tea, chocolate and knitting I’ll be okay.