Favourite ornament


This is up in my kitchen window this time of the year. It’s fun because you can see the exact same view, the church from that angle, outside the window when it’s not dark. I’ve chosen this picture to illustrate today’s word: Favourite ornament. #yarnpadc As I mentioned before, I haven’t really decorated my home this Christmas since I don’t have much space. Next year though, oh my, it will be decorations everywhere. Or at least more than now.

Today was my last day at work before Christmas and now I’m on Christmas break! It’s wonderful. I’m spending it in my armchair with my knitting. Like every other evening, but I like it. I’m going to stay here till there are bushes growing out of my hears or this pair of socks are finished, whichever comes first. I’m even colour coded with my knitting since I’me wearing my purple sweats and my knitting is purple too. It’s very important to stay colour coded with your knitting. Or not, but it’s quite fun.