Christmas tree

Today’s word was a hard one and it’s only by luck I actually have a picture. The word is Christmas tree but in my family we don’t put up the tree until the morning of Christmas Eve and that’s still six days away. My friend Agnieszka has a tree up, her trees are always the prettiest thing you can imagine, but I haven’t seen her tree this year yet. #yarnpadc



I found this tree when I was out for lunch. It’s not very pretty but it’s big and that’s a way of compensate for the lack of ornaments. There are also some packages underneath and that adds to the score. It really needs some ornaments though. I’m trying to make sure to have a pretty tree myself, but things like that

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takes time, good ornaments are something you accumulate over the years, you don’t buy it all in one go.



This was our tree last year. It has pretty ornaments but too few and the lights have a colder tone than I would have preferred. Also, it started smelling really weird after a few days but it was a good try.

This year we don’t have a tree, there is no room, but I’m already preparing for next year. Ornaments and decorations, that’s what were going to have. It will be awesome! Now I need to get back to my knitting, I’m completely absorbed by this new pattern and I really want to get a hang of it before I need to go to bed. Knit on!