I’m glad today’s word is Treat because really, have I been treated today! #yarnpadc It started with me getting mail at work from a former co-worker who gave me her unused bobbin lace pillow a year ago and who now sent me some bobbin lace thread that the had found at home. That was really sweet and a great surprise.

Then when I got back home I had two Christmas cards in the mail from dear friends. My name labels also arrived today. Labels to put in the things I knit and give away. Two years ago I bought 50 labels but I realised a week ago that they were running out, and this close to Christmas too. So I ordered 50 new ones. Let’s see how long before I run out of these new ones.

Also in the mail was yarn! Lovely yarn in lovely colours. I’ve joined a yarn club for 2014 and today I received the first shipment. The first clue of the pattern will arrive on January 1st and I’ve been promised cables. Exciting! There was also yarn and a first clue for a mystery shawl in the package and there will be a new clue in each yarn shipment throughout the year. This means I will have finished shawl by December next year. The colours were exactly what I’m planning to knit this year’s Christmas shawl in so that’s a coincidence. Or maybe not, Christmas is kind of predictable, colorwise, after all.

A day of treats and what wonderful treats! I’m very happy!