This day is spent in Stockholm, we’ve met with a friend and looked at his booth at an indoors Christmas fair. That gave me the picture of the day since the word for today is shopping. #yarnpadc


Personally I’ve bought myself a little gift.


The book Darling Cardigan (my translation) by Birgitta Forsberg. More than 20 patterns for cardigans. I always wear cardigans, it’s pretty and flattering and the possibilities are innumerable.


Later tonight we’ll meet the kind of love that is so beautiful and yet so complicated it hurts. But first some knitting (to

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avoid myself getting involved in the conversation at the next table, they are talking about it being soft being a teacher since you are having days off when the kids have days off (ah, wake up you innocent!), and discussing the origins of words. They’re getting it wrong! Be quiet, Ina, be quiet. Shut up and knit!).