The weather is warmer again and all the snow is gone which I think is very sad. I like snow, it’s pretty and makes it lighter outside. But since the snow is gone I have had some problems finding a good way of picturing today’s word, Snowmen. #yarnpadc


Luckily, December 13 is the day of Lucia in Sweden. The celebration of Saint Lucia is a celebration of the light coming back (since in the old calendar the winter solstice was around December 13th instead of December 22nd). It has quite a long tradition which has varied throughout the years, from the beginning Lucia by herself brougt breakfast in form of coffee and saffron buns to people sleeping, like her family and such, but these days Lucia is mostly a concert with a Lucia and her maids and grooms singing Lucia and Christmas songs. The clothing is the same though, a white robe and a red sash and candles. Every day care and school has a Lucia celebration and a lot of people try to make sure they have the opportunity to see a Lucia parade.

I made sure to see one today, as you can see on the picture above, and this got to represent today’s word, Snowmen. I took an opportunity of the moment and brouht my knitting and got quite a few rounds done while listening to the songs. It was

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a great moment.