Wrapping paper

This time of the year wrapping paper becomes essential. Most things get more interesting when there is wrapping paper involved. That is also the word of the day. #yarnpadc


I’ve always loved wrapping gifts. When I worked in a store some of my co-workers would hand over things, that people wanted gift wrapped, to me just because I was so good at it and liked it so much. I loved wrapping gifts in the store, we had all the gadges you need, different kinds of paper in different sizes, wrapping strings in many colors scotch tape and scissors and all you needed. Around Christmas it was just a lovely chaos, wrapping gifts and wishing merry Christmas and helping people to find

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the perfect gift, preferably a flat enough one to make it easier to mail. Then the store closed and everything became quiet. I used to put some Christmas carols on and walk around tidying up and humming along with the lyrics. Those were a peaceful moments.

I think that a nice gift deserves a nice wrapping. I usually present my handknits in tissue paper but usually I wish I had the time to do a little more elaborate gift wrapping. This year I will be happy if I have time to wrap them at all, I feel like I’m running behind on the knitting and the Christmas cards and not to mention making Christmas candy and also the rhymes for the Christmas gifts. In my family we always make a rhyme for every gift, to be read before it’s opened and so you can make a guess on what’s inside the gift.

Well, one thing is clear, you can never add too much tissue paper.