Cold. It’s winter and snowy and cold and I pretty much enjoy it. I don’t mind cold, I just put on more wool. Snow is lovely, it makes it lighter outside and not so dark.



Today’s word is cold. #yarnpadc This picture above I took on my way home from work at about 4 pm ┬áthis afternoon. On my way to and from work I pass a church yard and there is a little chapel in there which was lit in an orange light this afternoon. It was very pretty and I think it looked a little cold, the warm orange against the colder blue and white.


There has been a little Santa’s workshop here all weekend. We have glued and knit and carved and and knit and glued. It has been fun but it’s not over yet, there will be some more knitting and gluing and carving before Christmas but for now I’m pretty pleased with the progress.