Something beginning with C

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like an ABC book, the word for today is Something beginning with C in the Photo A Day – December, and I’ve been thinking of words in my surroundings all day. Since there are at least three languages floating around my home I didn’t know which one to use. Lemon is spelled with a c in both Swedish, citron, and Polish, cytryna. Chocolate is spelled with a c in all three languages. In the end though, it wasn’t a word in any of the languages.


Chili con carne – three words in Spanish and a lovely meal. I also added corn for good measure.



Because less is not more I added cookies to make the day complete.

Today I’ve been busy like a little bee. I’ve knit a neckline, finished a sleeve and handed in my Polish homework. This is good progress on my knitting plan for the weekend, tomorrow there is some bobbin lace to do, a walk and something very small that I can’t show you until later. All right, back to knitting, let’s not miss out surfing on the knitting wave.