Today there has been a smaller snow storm in my town. We went from rain this morning to windy and snowy with slippery roads. Therefore it was very fitting that today’s word in the Photo A Day – December was Mittens/Gloves. #yarnpadc On the down side

it was too windy and snowy to be pleasant to pose for pictures outside but we finally managed a good one. I have not knit these mittens myself, my mother bought them in the 70’s, but there are beads and a tassel (hard to see on the picture) and they are purple and what more could you ask for?

I’m not really a mittens knitter. I think it’s hard to make, or find for that matter, good mittens that are tight enough not to get blown right through when there is a little wind. Sweden is a snowy country and it’s cold in the winter, and I can’t stand having cold hands, not only because they ache horribly when re-heated. Normally, I solve my mitten problem by putting a store-bought, knit glove underneath my mitten, thus having double cover for my hands. This works excellent but I really wonder what other people do. I know I could probably felt a pair of mittens to make them tight and warm but I’ve never done it before so I don’t think it’s a solution in the short run, which I would say that December 6 requires, a quick solution.

Because of the weather I could have just stayed inside but I’ve planned a good long knitting weekend and in order to get that, I had to make errands this afternoon and evening. I haven’t knit almost anything but as I said, I have Saturday and Sunday. That should finish a sleeve and a neckline at least and also I hope to make some bobbin lace and send off three Christmas packages. It might only be December 6 but that makes only 18 days till Christmas Eve. Every minute counts. Every stitch counts. Go, go, go!