Candle is the word of the day in the Photo A Day – December. #yarnpadc


I haven’t had that much candles around me lately but I hop that will change soon, December is a great month to light candles as long as one remembers to blow them out when one leaves the room. With all the darkness this time of the year, it’s pretty nice to light some candles. It’s kind of hard to knit by though, unless you knit in light colors.

Different kinds of interests

I guess that you, with a good deal of accuracy, could say that knitting is my biggest interest. I hesitate on saying it because I really enjoy other things as well: reading, writing, baking, other types of handcrafts, dancing, talking and so on. But yeah, knitting is high up there among the top interests. Knitting is also the easiest of these interests to get around to actually do, it’s something you can do while doing other things such as talking, hanging out with friends, watch a movie… I never just knit, I always do something else while I knit but very often I feel like I’m missing something if my knitting is not nearby when I do something that I could combine with knitting. (Trust me, it’s impossible to knit while dancing. If it’s a dance where you are not very close to your partner s/he kind of needs your hands to be able to dance with you, no matter if you are the leader or the follower in the dance. If you are so close that the movements of the dance can be transmitted through other bodyparts than your hands, such as hips and legs, and you technically have your hands free, please remember that dancing movements might be unpredictable and that your partner might be offended and/or need to go to the hospital if you accidentally shove your knitting needle up his/her back. When I teach dance we usually say that if you are so hard-handed when leading someone in a dance that your partner gets hurt or you step too often on your partner’s feet or your lead forces your parnter to crash with other couples or the wall or something, you will probably never get another dance with that person (I once danced with someone who tipped me over and then acted as if it was my fault. We haven’t danced since). Imagine how many dances you’ll get if the rumour starts spreading that you stab your partners in the back with a metall stick on a regular basis. Murder on the dance floor gets a totally new meaning.)


Today I realized that we all have different kinds of interest. The weather today is dreadful. It’s raining and snowing intermittently and I feel bad for everyone who has to go outside. A co-worker of mine said that she was afraid it would continue like this all weekend. I, for my part, have planned a quiet weekend, just me and my yarn and bobbin lace pillow, to get a huge chunk of the Christmas crafting over and done with. This will be much easier to do if the weather is bad since I won’t have to feel bad for not enjoying the sun while I have the chance.

I expressed these thought but my co-worker could still not see the wonders of the weather. I tried again, explaining the wonders of drinking tea in December while looking at the snow, coziness of warm blankets and lovely merino dripping through your fingers. But no, no understanding at all, bad weather could never be good.

It turned out, she’s an ornithologist.