Today someone showed me the Photo A Day, December challenge by Princessdeia, where you get a word that should be your theme for a picture, every day in the month of December. I thought it sounded like great fun and since the NaKnitMo is done, I might need a need little challenge so I’ve decided to do this.

Today’s word is Advent, something that Swedes really commemorate.


This is my picture for Advent, the Advent candlestick, the electriacal version of an advent wreath, that you kan see in almost every window in

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almost every building in the entire Sweden right now. #yarnpadc

Happy first of Advent, everyone!

100 000 stitches


I made it. Yesteday I could tick off the 100 000nd stitch in 30 days, during the month of November. I did a few more just to be on the safe side since it’s sometimes hard to know how many stitches you’ve made when there are decreases and increases involved. For example, I haven’t counted the stitches that makes the actual heel decreases in a sock, the heel flap is there and the gusset too but not the actual heel turn. I also know that I haven’t counted two rows of more than 200 stitches that I had to rip out because it was the wrong color.

I think it’s kind of hard to know where all these stitches have gone but here are some projects that I’ve made in November:


The Sonar shawl by Cindy Garland.


Spring Cabled socks by Elinor Hickey.


Encompass by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and Fields of Wheat by Varant Ekmekijan.


The last three clues of Gateway to Fall, a mystery knit along by Cindy Garland.


Two pairs of Mixed Wave Mitts by Sybil R.

There was also a secret project which I can’t tell you about. With the help of that one and the seven projects mentioned here, I’ve managed to knit 100 000 stitches in one month. I think that’s pretty cool.