Google mitten

google - knitting

Look, the Google logo is knitting a mitten! It’s because of winter solstice and I think

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it’s very pretty. It’s even animated and I think it’s knitting both English (with yarn held in right hand) and Continental (with yarn held in left hand) style at the same time. Maybe it’s switching hands between knit and purl stitches. It looks like it’s time for the cuff so the idea of some ribbing is probably not that farfetched.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, both me and Google need get on with our knitting. Have a lovely Saturday!




I woke up this morning with a sore throat and a very dry cough so today I’ve been pouring hot tea down my throat and knitting away on a very stubborn project, it seems the yarn doesn’t want to be knit and the needles doesn’t want to be knitting it. But I’m more stubborn and have come more than halfway on the project. Still, it’s a bit annoying, obviously.

It also quite lame being sick when you have your Christmas vacation but hopefully this won’t last too long. And there are advantages.
No 1. I don’t have to go to work which I probably would have if it wasn’t Saturday. I’m not sick enough not to go to work. (Due to holiday.)
No 2. I can pretty much do what I want. (Due to holiday.)
No 3. It’s okay not to go outside. I am sick after all. (Due to illness.)
No 4. I could sit on the couch in my sweats this morning, drinking tea, reading a book and eat yesterday’s left-over pizza, having a very pleasant time. (Due to holiday and illness and it being Saturday and to the fact that we had pizza for dinner yesterday.)
No 5. I can knit as much as I want. (Due to me being me.)
No 6. I can eat chocolate. (Due to chocolate tasting good.) There have been some chocolate eating around here today, someone even tried the pieces and then put them back in the box, Legally Blonde-style. Not really okay but it gave me a photo opportunity since today’s word is naughty. #yarnpadc

Well, as long as there is tea, chocolate and knitting I’ll be okay.

Favourite ornament


This is up in my kitchen window this time of the year. It’s fun because you can see the exact same view, the church from that angle, outside the window when it’s not dark. I’ve chosen this picture to illustrate today’s word: Favourite ornament. #yarnpadc As I mentioned before, I haven’t really decorated my home this Christmas since I don’t have much space. Next year though, oh my, it will be decorations everywhere. Or at least more than now.

Today was my last day at work before Christmas and now I’m on Christmas break! It’s wonderful. I’m spending it in my armchair with my knitting. Like every other evening, but I like it. I’m going to stay here till there are bushes growing out of my hears or this pair of socks are finished, whichever comes first. I’m even colour coded with my knitting since I’me wearing my purple sweats and my knitting is purple too. It’s very important to stay colour coded with your knitting. Or not, but it’s quite fun.

Christmas jumper


I saw this sweater in a shop window this past weekend and thought it would be perfect for today’s word: Christmas jumper. #yarnpadc

I think I’ll leave it at that and let the picture speak for itself.

Christmas tree

Today’s word was a hard one and it’s only by luck I actually have a picture. The word is Christmas tree but in my family we don’t put up the tree until the morning of Christmas Eve and that’s still six days away. My friend Agnieszka has a tree up, her trees are always the prettiest thing you can imagine, but I haven’t seen her tree this year yet. #yarnpadc



I found this tree when I was out for lunch. It’s not very pretty but it’s big and that’s a way of compensate for the lack of ornaments. There are also some packages underneath and that adds to the score. It really needs some ornaments though. I’m trying to make sure to have a pretty tree myself, but things like that

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takes time, good ornaments are something you accumulate over the years, you don’t buy it all in one go.



This was our tree last year. It has pretty ornaments but too few and the lights have a colder tone than I would have preferred. Also, it started smelling really weird after a few days but it was a good try.

This year we don’t have a tree, there is no room, but I’m already preparing for next year. Ornaments and decorations, that’s what were going to have. It will be awesome! Now I need to get back to my knitting, I’m completely absorbed by this new pattern and I really want to get a hang of it before I need to go to bed. Knit on!




I’m glad today’s word is Treat because really, have I been treated today! #yarnpadc It started with me getting mail at work from a former co-worker who gave me her unused bobbin lace pillow a year ago and who now sent me some bobbin lace thread that the had found at home. That was really sweet and a great surprise.

Then when I got back home I had two Christmas cards in the mail from dear friends. My name labels also arrived today. Labels to put in the things I knit and give away. Two years ago I bought 50 labels but I realised a week ago that they were running out, and this close to Christmas too. So I ordered 50 new ones. Let’s see how long before I run out of these new ones.

Also in the mail was yarn! Lovely yarn in lovely colours. I’ve joined a yarn club for 2014 and today I received the first shipment. The first clue of the pattern will arrive on January 1st and I’ve been promised cables. Exciting! There was also yarn and a first clue for a mystery shawl in the package and there will be a new clue in each yarn shipment throughout the year. This means I will have finished shawl by December next year. The colours were exactly what I’m planning to knit this year’s Christmas shawl in so that’s a coincidence. Or maybe not, Christmas is kind of predictable, colorwise, after all.

A day of treats and what wonderful treats! I’m very happy!



Today’s word has been a little tricky. The word is Holly but holly doesn’t grow wild in Sweden so I couldn’t find real one. Luckily my friend Lyndsey (thank you so much, sweetheart!) sent me some beautiful handmade Christmas cards which had holly on them and one of those are seen on my picture of the day. #yarnpadc

Holly isn’t part of traditional Swedish Christmas decorations but that doesn’t mean haven’t seen it. I remember British children’s books from when I was a kid where they celebrated Christmas and there was always a mole, an open fire, holly and plum pudding (I might have read Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame, now that I come to think off it). Holly sort of became the Christmas decoration above all despite the fact that I had never seen any. I still have romantic fantasies about holly spread over the mantelpiece. Deck the halls with boughs if holly, and so on. In my mind it must be incredibly cozy and lovely and warm and friendly where there is holly.

The only time I’ve seen holly in real life I was 20 and lived in France and an acquaintance had a holly bush on his very dark front yard. I was completely amazed and just wanted to look at it for ages and my friends thought I was a little weird (this was early on in our friendship, before they got to know me and realized that’s exactly what I am, a little weird and particular at times). This holly had nothing of the Christmas romance though, not to mention that it was September, but it didn’t matter. This was holly, in the flesh, so to speak, and nothing could take that away from me. I have never seen it since.

Even if I would ever have the possibility to decorate with holly in my own home I don’t think I would though, I’m pretty sure it would spoil the magic, but in my mind it’s the only genuine Christmas decoration there is. But then again, nothing ever is like in a children’s book, no matter how hard we try. And that’s okay too.

“What else would we do?”

Yesterday I was at a concert. A concert with one of my most favorite artists, Håkan Hellström. He’s been with me ever since his first solo album in 2000. He is my teens and my youth and there are few major things in my life that doesn’t have one of his songs associated to it. This is at least the fifth time I see him live and he always delivers.


I’m too old and too comfortable to be standing screaming at the very front of the scene, I don’t mind sitting while being at a concert and I don’t scream as much as I might have done when I was twelve year’s old and at my first concert ever – Backstreet Boys – with my best friends. I don’t remember screaming but I probably did, everybody else did. I did sing along to all the songs though, and that’s what I did yesterday too.


I am not a good singer, not at all, but I love singing, especially at concerts. I don’t think there is really a point in being at a concert and not knowing the songs. It’s sort of part of the deal, the artist sings and we know the songs.


Back at that Backstreet Boys concert in 1997 (January or February, I think), people used lighters to wave when the slow songs came on (yeah, I liked I’ll never break your heart, I admit it), these days when few people smoke anymore there are hundreds of cell phone lights waving in the arena. It looks pretty cool and is much better from a fire prevention perspective.

It was a good concert, a great mixture between upbeat and ballads and a lot of great songs. Håkan played Kom igen, Lena, which was really important that he did for reasons I don’t want to share, and he stayed out on the stage talking to fans long after the show was over and the staff started cleaning up.


And me, being who I am, used the time before Håkan went on stage, to get some knitting done. It is Christmas really soon and thanks to us being in time and Håkan getting on stage later than stated I got a whole wrist warmer done yesterday. Awesome progress! (I did not knit during the show though, not even I could do that, not with Håkan. There is too much clapping and singing and waving your hands and dancing, dancing (För det skulle ju va’ dans, dans, dans) to be able to make a decent stitch.)

By the way, “What else would we do” is a translation of a line in Kom igen, Lena. I thought it adequate in it’s simplicity.

Outdoor lights

Today I’ve been visiting with friends and I’ve walked to get there which have given me a great opportunity to watch some of the Christmas lights that people have put in their gardens and on their balconies. Outdoor lights is also the word of the day. #yarnpadc


All the lights really brightens the dark month of December but in just another week it’s winter solstice and the light will return. On Christmas Eve it will already be light for two more minutes (two more minutes than on December 22 that is, which is probably darker than for ten minutes more than today). Till then, we’ll have to do with outdoor lights but I think that’s okay too, as long as I know the real lights will return eventually.



This day is spent in Stockholm, we’ve met with a friend and looked at his booth at an indoors Christmas fair. That gave me the picture of the day since the word for today is shopping. #yarnpadc


Personally I’ve bought myself a little gift.


The book Darling Cardigan (my translation) by Birgitta Forsberg. More than 20 patterns for cardigans. I always wear cardigans, it’s pretty and flattering and the possibilities are innumerable.


Later tonight we’ll meet the kind of love that is so beautiful and yet so complicated it hurts. But first some knitting (to

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avoid myself getting involved in the conversation at the next table, they are talking about it being soft being a teacher since you are having days off when the kids have days off (ah, wake up you innocent!), and discussing the origins of words. They’re getting it wrong! Be quiet, Ina, be quiet. Shut up and knit!).