Prettiest yarn wins

I caved! As I told you yesterday I was dithering between starting a new project and keep Agnieszka from being cold, or being high-principled and finish one project before starting another one.


Well, the rule is simple: the prettiest yarn wins. In this case it was easy, I have just finished a sock so I know about that yarn by now, it’s not new and therefore interesting anymore, and the other yarn for the new project is delicious and darling (you should really see it, dahling, it’s dahling!) and the project is new and also didn’t seem to take too long to finish. So, I caved. Of course I caved. In the end it was the only possible ending for this dilemma. (I should mention though that I did graft the first sock before starting the cowl and once the first repeat of the cowl was done I cast on the second sock and kit the cuff. Oh, and I did actually weave in the ends of the finished sock. That should totally rend me extra credits) I could say that it’s because I don’t want Agnieszka to be cold but, although that is true of course, the real reason for this choice is that prettiest yarn wins. Always. No matter what, no exceptions. Prettiest yarn wins.

I’m almost done with the cowl. Only six rows left. Then I’m back with the sock. I promise.