Your everyday life is full of choices. Sometimes you make good choices and sometimes you make bad ones and it’s hard to know before what will be a bad choice and what will be a good one. For example, if you plan to be a little efficient, which is a good choice, and make a little detour to the copy machine on your way to the bathroom at work and you run into three co-workers, whose lives apparently absolutely depend on your immediate effort, and a forth one who just wants to talk without waiting for you to answer, then the detour to the copy machine was a very bad choice for your immediate well-being and you might have to end up suggesting that your co-workers talk to each other while you do what’s best for you at the time. Had these people not chosen the copy machine as their hunting grounds for you, then you would have been very efficient and your choice had been good. It’s impossible to know in beforehand.


I’m standing in front of a similar dilemma knitwise. I’ve promised my friend Agnieszka I will make her a cowl and hat to match her new winter coat but I’ve also my Christmas knitting to think of (and after yesterday’s post it seems I have more sock lovers among my friends and family than I could imagine). Today I got the yarn for Agnieszka’s things and it sure is tempting to start. But then again, I’m in the middle of a sock. On the other hand I don’t want Agnieszka to be cold. On the third hand it won’t be fun if people had to open Christmas gifts with the needles still in them. On the forth hand…

Ah, choices, choices. We’ll see what I come up with in the end, something that works well for everybody, except perhaps for some of my sleeping hours. But then again, compared to knitting, that’s a worldly thing, as Karlsson-on-the-roof would say.