The reluctant sock knitter

A few years ago I was quite the eager sock knitter. I had just learned how to do it and made socks for everyone, babies, parents, relatives, friends, charity. Plain, good socks. The problem was that no one I know uses knit socks every day and not just when they are at home and their feet happen to be cold. Therefore you can’t really knit socks that often to people, not if you want your hand-knits to be worn. Don’t get me wrong, people loved the socks but they only needed one pair each and my eagerness sank sock by sock.


About a year ago I realised I was about the only one I knew who didn’t own a pair of socks by me. I decided to do something about it and this pair was, together with four pairs of wrist warmers, the only thing I knit for myself last year.

I’ve read in knit blogs and podcasts about how people love knitting socks and does it joyfully and at length. I’ve been

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curious about this love of sock knitting and for my birthday I got some lovely knitting books which contains a great deal of socks.


Hunter Hammersen’s The Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet vol. 1 and 2, the patterns are lovely and some of the pictures are Swedish!


Because of this I’ve decided to knit socks again but this time I want them a bit more fancy than before. I thought it best to go out slowly and so I’m making a simple cable on my sock (no, they’re not for me, they are a Christmas gift for someone) before I dare dig into Hunter Hammersen’s lovely patterns.

(The last part isn’t really true, I’ve never known enough about knitting to get too scared to do anything when it comes to knitting, (for example, I started knitting lace by making a lace sweater for myself without knowing a single thing about lace), and I wouldn’t hesitate this time either but I needed a pair of socks and decided to make something more interesting than a plain sock, inspired by Hunter Hammersen but her patterns are a little too lacy for what I had in mind. Next pair though, will likely come out the curiosity cabinet.)