NaKnitMo continued

Remember how I told you about the NaKnitMo? Where you decide on an amount of stitches that you are going to make during the month of November. It took me eleven days to finish my goal, 35 000. which aparentely was too low to be an actual challenge.

Last year I was actually afraid I wouldn’t make 30 000 sts but eventually ended up with abput 40 000 due to massive knitting the last weekend. This year I thought that 35 000 was good progress from last year. I was wrong. Aparentely I have enough knitting time to fill and ocean, even though

I can’t see it myself (I mean, I never have any time at all to knit, honestly).

Now, with barely a week left of November, I have decided to spice it up a bit.


This was my counter as of yesterday. As you can see I’m only 18 151 sts from making 100 000 sts and I have 6 days to complete this, including today. To make it to 100 000 sts I need to do 3025,16 sts every day until Saturday. This is doable if I plan a little and unless I get headaches that prevent me from knitting. 3000 sts per day would also make quite a big chunk into my Christmas knitting (provided I actually use these 18 000 sts on Christmas projects). You see, it’s a win-win situation!

I’m not really sure it’s a win to make it to 100 000 sts, nothing will happen except that I will feel good about reaching my goal, my knitter friend’s with less knitting time than me might feel jealous or at least think I’m lucky to have that much knitting time, non-knitters, friends or strangers (even though I hope my non-knitter friends will have more sense than that) might think I have way too much spare time, it can’t bee healthy to spend that much time on such a simple task that doesn’t do any good. Or they might shrug and congratulate themselves to a life much more interesting and useful than mine (yeah, those people will never get anything knit by me and if they already have gotten something they obviously don’t appreciate the hours and hours I’ve spent making them that thing and will therefore never receive another! Yes, I can be both vengful and rancourous, beware!).

In my opinion, 100 000 sts in 30 days should be honored in every single way possible. I might actually deserve a prize.

Let today’s 3025,16 sts begin!