Hours and hours


For once I’ve actually finished all the things I must do in a day, like work, eating dinner, doing my Polish homework and such, in a decent time. It’s still early enough for me to have hours of free knitting time. It must be the best feeling ever to know that you have hours of uninterrupted knitting time ahead of you. It’s almost too much to ask for, I feel giddy and might even know what to start with, there are just too many options. Should I knit a red sleeve? Should I knit a yellow shawl? Should I knit a gray wrist-warmer? Should I even start a new project? Gaaah, what to do, what to do?

If I continue this way all my knitting hours will disappear without me getting a single stitch done so I’m just going to grab the first best thing and then take it from there. Yeah. Good plan. Good plan.