Pouring tea

This has been a fabulous day. I have met knitters and we’ve all sat around a table together, drinking so much tea I was afraid it would eventually start pouring out of our ears and we have knit.


For my part I finished the last clue of the fall myster knit-along that I’ve been knitting for the past seven weeks. I’m quite happy about it, especially the colors which are just delicious. And there are beads!


It’s now blocking and tomorrow we will take pictures. I might have blocked it a little short tough, we’ll see.

Tea has not started pouring from my ears yet which I take as a good sign but my friend has started to send me pictures of cute buttons on my phone which makes me want them all, I mean, you can’t have too many buttons, can you? He’s such a sneaky enabler, my friend. So far I think he has gotten me hooked on some rose shaped pastel colored buttons and I’m pretty sure there is more to come so I better brace myself, this could get ugly. It’s pretty late though so I should go to bed. Perhaps I’m more resilient in the moring, when I also have a new pretty shawl to flash around. Or perhaps not.

Well, buttons up!