Party Tip or The Pink Revenge


On my coffee table right now are some very pretty things. They are also necessary when crafting. There is yarn for knitting, a small crochet hook and beads for attaching beads to said knitting. There is a pen and a pouch with tapestry needles, scissors, tape measure, stitch markers, matches for cabling and a bead needle. There is also a very pretty gift that both literally and figuratively has my name on it. It’s a box for my laces and it says so on the top: “Inas spetsar”, Ina’s Laces. The box is pink with princess crowns which means that it was someone who knows me pretty well who gave it too me. It’s also hand made, which is probably the sweetest of it all. Someone has taken a lot of their time to make something for me, and not just anything but something that in shape, color and utilization completely screams my name. It’s incredibly thoughtful. If I were at a party (and this is probably a good bridal or baby shower game, if you’re into that kind of things) and we all were to bring one item that said something about ourselves and the others were to guess which item belonged to which guest, nobody who has met me for more than two minutes, will be in doubt who that box belongs to (and not only because it says my name on the top obviously). It’s so me it’s almost scary. You can’t go wrong with pink and you can’t really have too much pink in your lives.

Actually, I can give you another party tip while I’m at it. Recently I was at a pink themed party where all the guests were asked to wear something pink. What an ice breaker! No matter who you happened to stand next to, you could always begin a conversation about the pink and what pink they where wearing (imagine doing that with dark blue). It was the perfect party trick because everyone could participate and you all had something to talk about imediately. Perfect! Pink FTW!

Thank you Heléne and Eva for bringing more pink into my life!