Meet the Sheep!

Two days ago one of my special friends turned fours years old. From what my sources tell me, he is very fond of Shaun the Sheep and the combination 4-yearl-old, birthday, fondness of sheep and a knitter relative resulted in this:


It’s Shaun the Sheep! Or, actually, it’s the Button It! sweater by Rain O’Brien.


The Button It! sweater is probably one of cleverest ideas for a toddler sweater. You knit a sweater, you add buttons and then you can just button pictures on as you finish them instead of having multiple sweaters. And, if you’re like me and find intarsia knitting challenging at best, you only have to reknit the sweater when the owner grows out of it since you can re-use the images! This must be the perfect deal.


I modified it a bit and did only ribbing at the bottom of the body and at the cuffs and neck instead of ribbing and some garter stitch. I simply thought it looked tidier without the curled edges.


The sweater yarn is Drops Lima from Garnstudio, colorway 0619 Beige.


Shaun himself was not part of the original image designs that comes with the Button It! pattern. I found Shaun on Ravelry, in the Shaun the Sheep DC case pattern by Kirstie McLeod. He is a bit cross eyed, I must admit, on the picture above.


Shaun is knit with Drops Karisma from Garnstudio. Colors are black, white and, I think, Light Olive.


There is no modifications on Shaun, except an added row of green at the top to make it more symmetric to fit with the buttons and everything.


Happy birthday, Nisse! I hope you will enjoy this sweater a lot. We’ll see if I get around to make you some more images as well.