Sweater thoughts


It is a truth universally acknowledged that the longer you stay in a yarn store the more yarn you purchase. Today it was an Open House at my local yarn store and me and Jenny went there, just to have a look. About an hour later we wandered out of there with a lot more yarn than expected. After all, we were just going to have a look. What surprised me the most was the wool for an entire, and mostly unplanned, sweater for myself. Since I’m not finished yet with the last sweater I started for myself, this is pretty daring, I think. It also makes me a little scared. I have finished sweaters very later before though so I shouldn’t be too worried. It’s just that you never know when you start a project if you will finish it or if it will turn up a UFO (un-finished object). I will start this sweater confidentely though, one must aim high, and it will look so lovely when it’s finished. It will have to happen after Christmas though.