Sonar love

In a couple of months my best friend will board a plane and leave the country for a few months. I will miss her terribly and it will be a long, long spring without her. So, I have concentrated on making her as comfortable as possible while she is away, which means that I’ve tried to make sure she is properly equipped knit wise. Love is in the stitches, after all. Among other things, we’ve tried to prevent her back from hurting while she’s away, by keeping it warm. The best way of doing so is obviously to cover it in knitwear.


Hence, meet the Sonar Shawl. This lovely shawl is designed by Cindy Garland as a part of her shawl pattern series Graduating stripes.


It’s knit with Malabrigo Rios from Malabrigo Yarns, possibly one of the best yarns ever. The colors are Natural and Zarzamora.


It should cover her back pretty well. The Sonar was a pure joy to make, every stitch was lovely, from the cast on to the i-cord bind off. I love the shape, the stripes, the size, everything. In fact, I loved it so much I have now ordered yarn for three new Sonars for myself. It’s probably the best shawl ever if you are cold, which happen quite frequently at my office, it cools down when the door is closed for some reason.


I couldn’t find my size 5,5 mm knitting needles (I really need a system for my knitting needles!) so I used a 5 mm one instead. For the next Sonar though, I will use a 6 mm needle since I think it turned out a bit on the small side. I like being able to wrap myself a little more in these thicker shawls than this particular shawl can provide.


I think this will fit Agnieszka very well, both by size and by color and I can’t wait to cast on a new one.