If I had a yarn store


I wonder if it would be nice to own a yarn store. I guess it has both pros and cons. On the pro side you would get to know all about new yarn before others see it and you will also get the first choice on all the yarn. You know about the yarn sale before anyone else and you can actually knit during work if there are not many customers.

On the con side you might be tired of yarn (what? Nooooo!) if you have to work with it all day and if I wasn’t already a yarn snob I would totally become one in no time. Also, you might feel a pressure that you have to knit for your store all the time but on the other hand you get to inspire people at the same time as you still get to take your garments home after they’ve been on display. And, if you feel cold you can just grab the closest shawl off the wall and put it over your shoulders. Then of course there is the usual business things, like worrying about money, never to be able to be sick unless someone else can take care of your shop, and so on.

You would get to talk to knitters all day which would be lovely but, as the years of working in a service occupation has thought me, not all customers are nice (some are not even a little bit nice) I’m pretty sure there are knitters who aren’t nice either. I have met knitters who look down on me just because I’m not very old (despite yesterday’s birthday) and who has pointed out mistakes they think I’ve made that aren’t mistakes at all (I particularly remember two ladies who claimed they new more about knitting than me even though I never saw them with any needles in their hands nor wearing anything hand knit, who chided and mocked me because I used a match as a cable needle instead of a proper cable needle (I always use matches as cable needles, it’s something I’ve got from my mum who is a pretty experienced knitter, and I’ve never had any problems with this method and I can’t see how using a match could lower the quality of my work in any way) instead of seeing the intricate cable pattern I had just transfered from a hat pattern into a scarf).

It would be nice to get to throw knitting get-togethers and events and to meet knitters from everywhere, in every form and on every levels and to get to try all types of yarns in spite of just buying my particular favorites, as I do now. A yarn store is the only work place I know where it’s completely normal to compliment the salesperson for his/her sweater, ask what material it is and if it’s okay if I touch it (and it is!).

The pros about getting a yarn store are big and I think I could overcome all the cons. The only thing that could be a problem is that I would probably never get over the feeling that people are trying to take yarn from my personal stash, which would lead to that everytime I feel that I’m about to be out of something I have to buy it so that I know I still have it. Weird, I know, but this is why I visit yarn stores instead of owning them.