Mam urodziny!

It’s my birthday! It’s lovely and I’ve been having a wonderful time. People have been nothing but nice to me all day and I’m very happy. The day started with me finding a present in the kitchen when I woke up.


It’s a very nice tea kettle with a pink handle. It feel like this has been a theme for today becaue I’ve also gotten a pretty tea mug with a lid, tea and books to read while drinking tea. Most of it is pink too, my favourite color (yes, I dare say that, but we can discuss this some other time). I also got a CD which by chance featured my old basson teacher. That was fun. I’ve also had lunch and coffee with dear friends that I haven’t seen in a long time and it’s been a great day (the only weird thing was that the pastry I had with breakfast (yes, on your birthday you should have cake or pastry for breakfast) had gotten a weird taste of onion from spending a night in my fridge. Chocolate with onion flavor is not something I recommend).


In the evening we went for dinner and now I’m so full I probably won’t be able to eat for

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a week.


I could manage some pink dessert though. You can always handle dessert (pretty much irrespective of color).


And when I got back home after dinner (and dessert) there was another surprise waiting for me. Two knitting books with lovely patterns! If you are in want of socks in the future, you’ve got it. Even if you are not in want of socks, tough luck because that will probably be the only thing I’ll be knitting in 2014.


These books are great! And, some of the pictures, at least in volume I, are Swedish which I highly appreciate. And as you can see, I’m not the only one loving them. Julle has already given me a long list over items that he wants. All in due time though, first it’s Christmas. If I can stop myself…

A big thanks to all of you who made this such a loverly day!