Tomorrow it’s my birthday. Jutro mam urodziny. I’ve always loved my birthday which means I’m pretty excited about tomorrow. I think the best part is tonight though. The night before, when all of it is just in front of you, all is still there and it’s so close you can touch it. It’s the same with December 23, when Christmas Eve is just a night away and you have so much to do but you know that when you wake up, all will be done and it’s Christmas (yes, again, Swedes celebrate Christmas mostly on December 24, that’s when Santa comes and you eat all the food an everything).

Well, I thought this day was a good day to show you my last finished project for myself.


This is what came out of that skein that I accidentally put on the chest-working-as-my-coffee-table. That’s when I realised that it would work out very nice with brown and I think you will agree with me.


This is Multnomah by Kate Ray.


The yarn, the famous yarn, is Malabrigo Sock from Malabrigo Yarns.Moltnoma-8

I’ve already had good use of my shawl, and here I thought I would never even knit it or that it would end up as socks (nothing bad about socks, they just don’t show as much as a shawl  does). It works great with brown but also with a wine red-hot pinkish color and with green and lots of colours.


I wanted to use all the yarn I had so I did a few more repeats of the feather-and-fan lace than the pattern stated.


Multnomah got it’s name from the Multnomah county in Oregon, USA and I thought it fitting to use with this yarn because from my experience, Oregon is very lush and green and has big woods, very earthy colours, just as this yarn. I’m pretty sure that if I would wear what I’m wearing above and where put in a forest in Oregon, I would be better camouflaged than a high-profiled military.  I must say I highly appreciate a garment that can become useful in different situations.