I don’t know if you’ve heard about something called NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month. It’s sort of a novel competition but the one you’re competeing against is your own inner editor. NaNoWriMo happens in November every year and you get the chance to challenge yourself by writing a novel of at least 50 000 words in 30 days. That makes for about 2000 words per day if you want to take one day off every week. In the end you submit your novel to the webpage, nobody reads it, it’s just a computer counting the words and if you have 50 000 words of more you get the honor of a project well done. Then you get to spend the next eleven months trying to edit your novel until it’s time for November again and a new novel. Most of the time though, come December 1st you’re mostly sick and tired of your novel and you never want to see it again and you feel terrible due to lack of sleep, too much coffein (or tea in my case) and a need to count every word you write even if it’s merely a post card for your great aunts birthday. But it’s still a pretty fun thing to do.

I’ve done NaNoWriMo five times but then I thought it was enough. This means I have five unfinished novels in my drawers (but all of them contains more than 50 000 words), and I figured it was time to make something out of them instead of writing new ones. Obviously this only meant that I stopped producing new stuff but also never did anything about the ones I already had.

Instead of writing a novel each November, I’ve joined NaKnitMo, National Knit Month, where you yourself set a goal for how many stitches you should do during the month of November. Last year I settled for 30 000 but got way above that. This year I aimed a little higher, 35 000 sts.

This is fun and it’s something I would do anyway – knit. Unfortunately I am now suffering from poor planning. During the month of stitch counting I have piled up a bunch of lace projects. Talk about bad planning. Now I have to complete my stitch count at the same time as I make progress on my lace centimeters. And Christmas creeps closer and closer, every hour, every minute. It will be fine though, somehow it will be fine. I had just totally forgot about November, I was so focused on October, that it all kind of came as shock yesterday when I realized it was already November and I had missed three days of counting stitches. It’s all taken cared of and I believe I’ve catched up now. I did do my sewing of buttons yesterday and I did cast on and I’ve counted stitches and made some progress on my lace and also I’ve worked on my Polish homework so it should all be okay, just as long as nothing unpredictable turns up. Who knows, next time I blink it might be December.