Hours and hours


For once I’ve actually finished all the things I must do in a day, like work, eating dinner, doing my Polish homework and such, in a decent time. It’s still early enough for me to have hours of free knitting time. It must be the best feeling ever to know that you have hours of uninterrupted knitting time ahead of you. It’s almost too much to ask for, I feel giddy and might even know what to start with, there are just too many options. Should I knit a red sleeve? Should I knit a yellow shawl? Should I knit a gray wrist-warmer? Should I even start a new project? Gaaah, what to do, what to do?

If I continue this way all my knitting hours will disappear without me getting a single stitch done so I’m just going to grab the first best thing and then take it from there. Yeah. Good plan. Good plan.


Last week I finished three knittings and that required a reward. I still have some Christmas projects left to cast on and I will do so, maybe even tonight, but I also totally deserved a treat.


This is my treat. A shawl in delicious yarn that I’ve been longing to cast on for a while. I got the first idea to this shawl in early October and now it’s finally on the needles. That yellow yarn is so gorgeous and elegant I can’t believe it. I simply can’t get enough of

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it. The colorway is called Sunset and that’s what it is, a sunset. In this shawl a sunset over a sand desert. I can’t wait till I finish it!

Praca domowa


Today I had planned to talk about cookies but I’m pretty tired and I’ve been

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busy all day with doing the laundry and my praca domowa, my Polish homework, so all day has just flown by, and it took the daylight with it, and to be honest, I just want to sit down and knit right now, while I wait for the laundry to dry. Then I have to get busy again so we’ll have to wait for a cookie blog post.

I advice you to go eat some cookies instead, now that you can’t read about them here. Likely, that would likely be just as good.

Pouring tea

This has been a fabulous day. I have met knitters and we’ve all sat around a table together, drinking so much tea I was afraid it would eventually start pouring out of our ears and we have knit.


For my part I finished the last clue of the fall myster knit-along that I’ve been knitting for the past seven weeks. I’m quite happy about it, especially the colors which are just delicious. And there are beads!


It’s now blocking and tomorrow we will take pictures. I might have blocked it a little short tough, we’ll see.

Tea has not started pouring from my ears yet which I take as a good sign but my friend has started to send me pictures of cute buttons on my phone which makes me want them all, I mean, you can’t have too many buttons, can you? He’s such a sneaky enabler, my friend. So far I think he has gotten me hooked on some rose shaped pastel colored buttons and I’m pretty sure there is more to come so I better brace myself, this could get ugly. It’s pretty late though so I should go to bed. Perhaps I’m more resilient in the moring, when I also have a new pretty shawl to flash around. Or perhaps not.

Well, buttons up!

Party Tip or The Pink Revenge


On my coffee table right now are some very pretty things. They are also necessary when crafting. There is yarn for knitting, a small crochet hook and beads for attaching beads to said knitting. There is a pen and a pouch with tapestry needles, scissors, tape measure, stitch markers, matches for cabling and a bead needle. There is also a very pretty gift that both literally and figuratively has my name on it. It’s a box for my laces and it says so on the top: “Inas spetsar”, Ina’s Laces. The box is pink with princess crowns which means that it was someone who knows me pretty well who gave it too me. It’s also hand made, which is probably the sweetest of it all. Someone has taken a lot of their time to make something for me, and not just anything but something that in shape, color and utilization completely screams my name. It’s incredibly thoughtful. If I were at a party (and this is probably a good bridal or baby shower game, if you’re into that kind of things) and we all were to bring one item that said something about ourselves and the others were to guess which item belonged to which guest, nobody who has met me for more than two minutes, will be in doubt who that box belongs to (and not only because it says my name on the top obviously). It’s so me it’s almost scary. You can’t go wrong with pink and you can’t really have too much pink in your lives.

Actually, I can give you another party tip while I’m at it. Recently I was at a pink themed party where all the guests were asked to wear something pink. What an ice breaker! No matter who you happened to stand next to, you could always begin a conversation about the pink and what pink they where wearing (imagine doing that with dark blue). It was the perfect party trick because everyone could participate and you all had something to talk about imediately. Perfect! Pink FTW!

Thank you Heléne and Eva for bringing more pink into my life!

You know you make lace too much when…


…you find a pin in your mitten. I haven’t even touch my bobbin lace pillow today and I didn’t find the pin until I was putting

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my mittens on to go home after work. Weird. It lives there now.

Meet the Sheep!

Two days ago one of my special friends turned fours years old. From what my sources tell me, he is very fond of Shaun the Sheep and the combination 4-yearl-old, birthday, fondness of sheep and a knitter relative resulted in this:


It’s Shaun the Sheep! Or, actually, it’s the Button It! sweater by Rain O’Brien.


The Button It! sweater is probably one of cleverest ideas for a toddler sweater. You knit a sweater, you add buttons and then you can just button pictures on as you finish them instead of having multiple sweaters. And, if you’re like me and find intarsia knitting challenging at best, you only have to reknit the sweater when the owner grows out of it since you can re-use the images! This must be the perfect deal.


I modified it a bit and did only ribbing at the bottom of the body and at the cuffs and neck instead of ribbing and some garter stitch. I simply thought it looked tidier without the curled edges.


The sweater yarn is Drops Lima from Garnstudio, colorway 0619 Beige.


Shaun himself was not part of the original image designs that comes with the Button It! pattern. I found Shaun on Ravelry, in the Shaun the Sheep DC case pattern by Kirstie McLeod. He is a bit cross eyed, I must admit, on the picture above.


Shaun is knit with Drops Karisma from Garnstudio. Colors are black, white and, I think, Light Olive.


There is no modifications on Shaun, except an added row of green at the top to make it more symmetric to fit with the buttons and everything.


Happy birthday, Nisse! I hope you will enjoy this sweater a lot. We’ll see if I get around to make you some more images as well.

I’ve got mail!


Look what I’ve got in the mail today! Knitting magazines inspired by Jane Austen. As you’ll understand I’m a little busy tonight, I need to go through this before I explode with excitement. It would be very sad if I exploded.

35000 stitches


I just wanted to tell you, I’ve reached my goal for the NaKnitMo 2013! My goal was 35000 stitches and tonight I landed on 36411 sts. Pretty good, I’d say. I will continue counting though, just to see how many stitches I can make during November.

Be bold and knit on!