Down on the corn(er) flower

Yesterday there was a huge day in my bobbin lace career. I had to splice a thicker yarn than usual at the same time as I reached the corner of my lace and was supposed to turn the entire lace 90 degrees left.


This huge moment was obviously not done by me only, well, the splicing I did by myself but Heléne helped did the turning. Look closely at the picture above, look at the angles, where is my lace?

Now, here are some pictures of the process of turning:


Here all the bobbins are attached to a device to prevent them from getting all tangled up and the pattern is loosend from the roll, held in place only by the needles in the lace.


Here Heléne is doing her magic. She is pushing needles into the right direction to fasten the lace again, after the turning. The bobbins har still held in place.


Et voilà! See the angles? They have moved! I will still be working from the top and down but now the previously done lace is to the left instead of above. Incredibly cool! Heléne has stated that now that I’ve seen how it’s done I can make the next corner myself. I’m glad she has confidence in me but for the sake of my nerves I’ll save the actual corner for my next class in case I should totally ruin something and need a bobbin lace doctor to perform first aid.


Isn’t this lace like the prettiest ever? It’s called Corn flower and Ear of ray. I particularly like the line of ovals in the middle and the cluster of three ovals at the bottom. It has the exact lace feeling, I think. That’s how a lace on book look like.

Also, you see that thicker yarn? That’s what I had to splice since I was running out of it. Next time though I will try and avoid having to splice at the same time as turning a corner. One stress factor at a time please.


And I just wanted to give you proof that I’ve now continued past the corner. Ah, my pretty, pretty lace!

Also, I just got another bobbin lace pillow and plans for so many projects that I wonder where I’ll get the time. I’m very anxious to start at least one of the projects really soon because if it turns out anything like I imagine it will be completely awesome!

Stay tuned!