A November born knitter


This time of year is a busy time for knitters. For non-knitters it’s the end of October, the leaves are falling, the days are getting shorter and more gray every minute, it seems, and there is a long time till the next day off. Soon we enter November, that hopeless month that no one seem to like. Except me. I belong the the happy troop that happen to be born in November and all of a sudden the fall doesn’t seem that long anymore. I have always divided my fall into pre-birthday and post-birthday. In early September, which is when fall sort of starts in Sweden (I know a lot of people who starts to see signs of fall by mid-August or even earlier than that but come on, you don’t see signs of spring in January no matter how hard you look, at least not in my part of the world, so why start looking for fall even earlier than you need to. It will come, don’t worry). September is a very pretty month: the leaves begin to change, you can take out all your nice fall clothes (which in my opinion are much prettier than the summer gear, granted I am a knitter and that might have something to do with this), you can drink tea and everything starts again after a summer break – dance practise, bobbin lace class, people who have been on vacation elsewhere all summer return so you can have coffee together, it’s simply a pretty nice time.


Then enters October, the leaves are still pretty and somewhere here the weeks passes by more rapidly than ever and everytime you blink it’s a new Monday (by the way, I’ve always though that the most frequent day of the week is Thursday. It’s always Thursday or it’s soon Thursday or it’s not long ago since it was Thursday. If I have a co-occuring committment on a Thursday it seems as it’s always Thursday for some reason. Much more frequently than say Tuesday. I think this depends on Thursday being just before Friday and the whole weekend sort of lumps together into one day that is just after Thursday and then there is Monday and you think Thursday and the following weekend is very far away until you realize it’s already Tuesday and Thursday is very soon and if you have something important to prepare for Thursday you better get on with it and soon. This would all be good if I was the kind of person who happened to like Thursdays, which I’m not. I know some people argue that other people prefer Friday but that they themselves really likes Thursdays because then you have all the weekend in front of you as a little gift to open. I can’t agree. Personally I’ve always enjoyed Wednesdays, that’s a charming day, it’s the middle of the week, you still have a nice long weekend in front of you but the most important thing is that you’ve already done the hard-to-get-over Monday and Tuesday and can afford to take a breath and relax a bit, the week is downhill from Wednesday. At least in my opinion.)

But yeah, the weeks in October passes by rapidly and all of a sudden I realize that it’s only three weeks till my birthday. In August and September, November seems so far away and that feeling stays until the second week of October when I happen to stumble on an almanac and start counting weeks and then November is really close. I happen to like my birthday very much so I always try to plan something for it and sometimes those plans can be hard to manage when November only three weeks away. Then the times flies by, the birthday comes and goes, you can usually ride on the birthday wave for at least a week afterwards and then December is knocking on the door and you really need to start preparing for Christmas. And we all know December is over by a blink of an eye, there is never enough time in December.

So yes, my birthday has really been a good way to make the fall a little shorter. Even my mum has told me that November was a much easier month to bare after I was born. And think about it, if you just look upon fall as a dreadful thing you have to go trough just to get to Christmas, it feels pretty long, but if you have something to look forward to in the middle of it, it’s not that long anymore. I’ve always thought my birthday is in an excellent time of the year.


Then I became a knitter. For a knitter, October doesn’t mean that Christmas is far away. No, October means that you should really have started your Christmas knitting a long time ago and will you really manage all that you planned on making and should you just drop that shawl in favor for a quick hat? October is when you should see a lot of your gifts blocking and finished with ends woven in.

November is even worse, then it’s time to start all projects that aren’t started yet, preferably small ones because there is no time for a knitting disaster this close to Christmas and especially not a knitting disaster including a sweater. This all is of course build on the assumption that you still need to go to work five days a week which deeply cuts into your knitting time.

December, lovely month of December, hopefully snowy and lights everywhere and mulled wine and saffron buns and gingerbread and Lucia celebrations and there is no end to the cosiness and festivities (and usually also stress). This is a lovely time to knit but beware, it’s too close to Christmas for big projects (and remember that it’s impossible to knit while making gingerbread cookies, it will ruin both the knitting and the gingerbread) and everyone who sees you knitting will immediately assume that you are making a Christmas present so if you are stealth knitting something it’s hard to do out in the open only camouflaged as a project for yourself. Back in October, when no one but a knitter thinks of Christmas you can knit pretty much anything in front of anyone and just pretend that it’s for yourself and not at all that shawl the person next to you wants for Christmas. Pull that stunt in December and no one is going to believe you, even if it’s true.

No one can make me think that the fall is terribly long and boring, oh no, it’s one of the most hectic time of the year. It was already pretty short with the birthday thing and all, but has become shorter and shorter the more I try to knit. Also, since we’re soon entering November, I will have to be more restricted about what knitting I show you, I don’t want anyone figuring out what is for Christmas and what is not. That would really take out the fun in Christmas. So, I apologize in beforhand and remind you of all the nice things you’ll see in January instead.

Ok, back to knitting, November is coming!