Soft packages

Now I can show you birthday present number two. Yesterday was Shrimpie’s first birthday! Shrimpie is one year old! I can’t believe it, so big already. Well, be being the boring auntie that I am obviously knit something for the big day. Yep, only soft gifts from me. All kids will hate me until they turn 22 or something but then they will love me again.

Lucky for me, a one year old is still a little too small to be disappointed in a gift (even though I get that the wrapping paper is much more exciting than the actual gift). Shrimpie is a very happy child and has helped me become happier during this year when I’ve been sad. It’s not possible to feel sad when there is a happy baby in your lap. Tonight Shrimpie fell asleep in my arms and is was just most wonderful feeling, so cute, so sweet.

Well, this is Shrimpie’s new cardigan:


This is the Modular cardigan by Doreen L. Marquart, for once looking as it’s supposed to, as opposed to the two striped ones I made back in August.


It’s knit in cotton which was enough to wear outside in August when I knit it but is perhaps a little too cold now. It’s perfect indoors though, for a newly fledged toddler who has a lot of energy, walking and climbing and crawling, all with a huge smile.


The yarn is Drops Safran from Garnstudio in colors Red and Denim Blue.


The pattern says to do a provisional cast on and start at the bottom of the striped section. I started at the top and knit down to the bottom. I also picked up stitches and knit the sleeves in the round from the top down, so to speak.


A one year old is not that big and it was only in comparison with a cardigan for a newborn that I realized it was actually quite big. Or perhaps that the newborn one was even smaller, teeny tiny.


Happy birthday, my Shrimpie-pie!