Tea and Old Lace


This day has also been all about tea and scones since I’ve been at a tea party at my friend Agnieszka’s. It was very good and now probably half of me contains of pure liquid from all the tea.


Also, and I think this is such a suiting activity for a Sunday, I’ve worked on my latest lace. It has corners so the entire lace sort of turns. I haven’t got to the corner yet but it will be very interesting.



Today I really had to struggle with the lace, it was a challenge, but I got it and turned out very pretty. It’s quite rewarding, there is never a dull moment in this lace which probably have something to do with it being so challenging. I’ve never worked with this many bobbins before and there are a lot of, if not new then at least not well-known, stuff. It took me a long time just to make this little part but as I said, it was fun the whole time except perhaps for the first few moments before I got the hang of it. I’ll continue tomorrow and I’m really looking forward to it.

Good night, little lace, sleep tight!