Flying creativity

This morning was a lazy one. Lazy Saturday mornings are the best. I can read, I can take my time and I can sit in my sweat pants and knit. The day continued and became quite creative though. It started not so creatively with me trying to make brownies but made a mistake so I had to make a different cake which I then accidentally burned in the oven so I proceeded with my original plan to make brownies.


I still don’t have a square ovenware so I’m making square pieces of brownies in a circular ovenware. That makes for some triangular pieces too. It’s like a whole geometry class.

Then I made scones because tonight Heléne was coming over for scones and marmalade.  It was her apples to begin with so I really wanted her opinion on the marmalade.



I don’t particularly like having to mix the ingredients with my hands, they get sticky which I find very appaling, but it’s kind of necessary when making most kinds of bread (that’s why I never make bread unless I can mix the dough with a wooden spoon) so did my best.



It all resulted in quite a nice tea party with tea, scones, cream cheese and homemade marmalade. And there were some knitting there too of course. It seems as if Heléne’s and my mind connect in the most excellent way and we inspire each other into a flow of creativity with each idea better that the last one. In the end there was so much creativity flying around that we had to write down our ideas so we wouldn’t forget them. It might be the marmalade or the fact about great minds thinking, it doesn’t really matter, but I expect there will be some great deeds as a result of this tea party.