To get the upper hand of knitting

I’ve felt a bit uninspired lately. The Hugely Sad Thing still holds its grip around me and I never know when it will attack. This makes life a bit unpredictable and I don’t like unpredictable things. It also makes me feeling down even when I don’t know why because I can’t always recognize the feeling as caused by the Hugely Sad Thing.This affects work, friends, theater rehearsal, sleep, responsibilities and – most importantly – the knitting. If the knitting doesn’t work, nothing works. That’s my recreation, my safety blanket, my go-to when things are rough.


Don’t get me wrong, there is obviously knitting in my life, a lot of it even, but there is nothing that is only delicious. A lot of projects are almost done and some are even done short of actually showing you the pictures. I just need to feel that it’s finished which I don’t for some reason. I’m not sure how to get the upper hand of this mess but I have started a sweet, not delicious but sweet, project for¬†which darling Jenny gave me two skeins of my for-now-favourite yarn and I’ve also ordered some more of that yarn in some really delicious colors so that’s good. Also, I’m going to use this coming weekend to finish what I can and sort some projects out, which I think will be good for my general mood. Closure is a good thing, no matter how small the project.