Good-smelling elevator

This has not been my afternoon. A lot of things just went wrong. It all started with too much butter in my chocolate chip cookies and then it just went downhill from there. (In my defence I want to add that my recipe is American but my ingredients are, for obvious reasons, Swedish and American recipes measure butter in sticks or in tablespoons whereas Swedish recipes measure butter in grams. Hence it’s pretty hard to figure out how much 1,5 sticks or 12 tablespoons of butter is in grams. I can tell you that 250 grams is too much though.)


So the cookies traveled a little too much for my taste on the baking tin and became very big and very flat which resulted in them being a little too crispy and not as chewy as I would have hoped.

Next thing that happened was that when I hurried out the door to get to bobbin lace class with my purse and bobbin lace pillow in one hand and my cookie jar in the other the latter slipped while I was in the elevator and when I came down to the ground floor there were many cookies on the elevator floor but not as many in the cookie jar. I scooped them up as much as I could and went back up to the apartment to get another cookie jar. This time I had some help and made it to bobbin lace class without further adventure. Also, my sweet bobbin lace classmates said the cookies tasted very good despite the butter overload.


My new lace is called Corn Flower and Ear of Rye. It needs 21 pairs of bobbins, that’s more than I’ve ever used before, and it has corners which I’ve also never done before so it was quite a challenge. This also means that it was pretty hard getting started and my teacher had to sort out the beginning for me because of all the bobbins. We all agreed on that it’s better to use all four bobbins when you make a stitch (for lack of a better word), since not using all four bobbins blows everything (as you see we were very deep in our reflections). Eventually Heléne got it all sorted out so that I could begin to understand it and by the end of the class I was pretty sure of what I was doing.

We’ll see for how long that lasts though, since this afternoon has been quite challenging on my peace of mind to say the least. I have a pretty good-smelling elevator though.