Knitting Attack IV


The knitting attacks seem to drizzle quite frequently lately. I don’t know why but I seem to be at odds with knitting in general. I finish nothing and everything I touch goes wrong. I need some undisturbed knitting time to sort it all out, to sew together the toddler sweaters, to figure out which pearls to use on the Bold Colors of Nature yarn club September shawl, to practise my intarsia knitting, to finish the next clue on the Fall Mystery Knit Along, to actually get somewhere on the red shawl I cast on a few weeks ago. Yes, all those things would be lovely.



Something that also need some sorting is the shawl I cast on today. It looked really delicious (if a little resembling a kissel I remember from my childhood that tasted awful) and it was so easy to count the stitches since they were all different colors.



Unfortunately tough, the yarn is too variegated to work with the pattern. I’m not sure what to do with it but I’m pretty sure I will have to unravel it all. I’ll look for another pattern but I’m just so tired with everything working against me right now that I desperately need something good. We’ll see.