Ah, I got hooked today! Completely unsuspecting I was walking in to a handcraft store on my way home, just to look at the stuff (I am a little suspicious about some of the stuff though, I must admit). Some things are beautiful and some things show that just because something is handmade doesn’t mean that it’s necessairly pretty.

In one corner their were some yarn balls and I went there to have a look. And I looked and looked and suddenly I was hooked (that could be the start of a poem, a yarn poem. If any of you feel inspired please write me a yarn poem in the comments). There where some variegated yarns there and then there was one that shone brighter than all the other ones together, beautifully colored in all the nuances of the rainbow. I knew this was my yarn. I’m also pretty sure it’s self striping. I’ve never handled self striping yarn before. Not that stripes at regular intervals and in a certain order. I’m pretty darn excited. This will become socks, my socks, and I will wear the daylights out of them. If only I can find time to cast on, that is.