Buns and half a wrist warmer


Today, October 4th, it’s Cinnamon Bun Day in Sweden and my co-worker presented me and Jenny with a bun each this morning. We were very pleased and they were really, really good! I think I will have another one tonight, after I’ve finished my Polish homework. I wasn’t up to doing anything study related when I got home last night so I didn’t. I’ll get more done today after work when I’m not as tired and have more time. At least that’s what I’m telling myself, it is Friday after all and my taste of work seems to go down on Friday afternoons. I bet that bun will keep me going for a good few hours extra though.

Well, me not studying last night didn’t mean I was completely idle (even though it would have been totally okay if I was! My mum has told me about my grandma who liked to read but reading was not considered useful enough so she used to sit at the kitchen table and read, where she had a good view of the garden gate and could see if anyone came visiting, and as soon as someone approaced the house she hid her book and took up her knitting and looked like she was very hard working indeed. Well, I’m glad things have changed, I knit because I like it and I also read because I like it and I don’t have to hid any of it. Instead, these days you are probably a little weird if you like to knit and do it all the time).


A friend found the pattern for really cool wrist warmers online and I couldn’t help casting on. Now I’m almost done with one, which is good since they really need to be done by tomorrow at noon so I can block them. I like the pattern and as long as I’m not stuck with Second Wristwarmer Syndrome, I think I will make another pair as well. Not before Sunday though. Now, that would really be impossible.