There is a theatre improvisation game called Freeze when you do a scene with certain premises and the audience can at any time call “Freeze!” and you have to freeze your movements at that exact time (try it, it’s harder than you think. First of all to be standing completely still, no movement at all (except perhaps for a blink) no matter how difficult the possition. Second, that you cannot complete the movement you were doing when the call came, if you are taking a step and your foot is in the air you cannot put down your foot before you freeze, you have to freeze with your foot mid-air). Then the person who called Freeze goes up on stage, knocks on somebody’s shoulder and switch places with that person. Then the scene can continue.

I wish I could do this with knitting sometimes. Freeze time and just alter something and then let the time continue. Like my list, if you remember. I like my list, I’m making good progress and I will continue to check off projects. It’s just that sometimes when I knit I want to continue with my WIP’s (works in progress) but also throw away everything and for a moment just try on something new and glorious that I’ve found and that I can’t really wait to start. I might not even like it later when I have time for it. I just wish I could freeze time, everybody around me stop moving and I can knit for hours and hours on my new project without loosing valuable knitting time for my other projects.

Sometimes I’m amazed by the thought of how many projects I say that I will knit and I really mean it and how many of them actually make it to the needles. There is quite a jump from thought, to yarn, to cast on, to finished (not to mention the actual finishing, yes, I can see you looking at me toddler sweater parts). I’ve been wanting to knit a dress pattern for three years now and I’m not even close to buying the yarn.

There is an obvious need for freezing time here. I expect scientists to get on with this as soon as possible.