You say impossible, I say possible


I’ve been working on this weeks Polish class for a few hours this evening. I have a pronounciation test due Sunday and I try and try to practise but for some sounds I just can’t here the difference. On the other hand, I’ve been studying Polish for

three weeks, I’m not supposed to master this yet which I’m pretty sure my teacher knows. I just wish that the muscles in and around my throat would finally get used to the new sounds so I don’t get a sore thorat every time I practise for the test. A few minutes with the /z/, /ź/ and /ż/ sounds and I’m ready for a cough drop.


Now, on a more silent note, I’ve got a little mission. I’m planning to be done with the orange hat, the Malabrigo Rios shawl and a pair of wrist warmers by Sunday. This might be impossible but it might also be possible. I only have a few rows before it’s time for the decreases on the crown of the hat and the shawl, well, there aren’t many rows left but they are long on the other hand. Then, I’ve been thinking of making a pair of wrist warmers before Saturday and today a co-worker showed me a really interesting pattern that will be perfect for my left over yarn. The pattern calls for three different colors and on the picture above you can see my two options. I’m intrigued.

I was supposed to be at bobbin lace class tonight but it was cancelled. Which is very sad and disapointing but if it was going to happen, this was probably the best week for me since it gave me some extra time to work on my Polish. Also, I wasn’t done with the lace from last class. That whole application writing thing last week just put everything on hold and I’m behind with everything but I’ll catch up, eventually.

Get well soon, Heléne!